Our identity

We are a consulting firm specializing in providing assistance in corporate labor law, civil law and tax law, both in and out of court. In a scenario where the number of professional firms generalists continues to increase, we have chosen the path of greatest specialization because we believe in law, saying he can do everything, the same as not knowing how to do anything. Over the years, experience has proved us right. We believe that legal advice specialized, together with the close synergy between lawyers and accountants, are the key to effective management and for resolving any dispute and / or business administration.


Our organization

We are organized in three practices (legal, labour and tax) fully integrated with each other and offer completed consulting to customer companies in all sectors of business. We work closely with customers, in a continuous exchange of information, to ensure that the legal solutions and strategies proposed are adapted to their needs specifiche.Il Our team consists of senior figures highly specialized (Partners) flanked by young professionals (Associates) to make available to customers its expertise and experience in legal and tax.


Our goal

We are committed to make life easier for companies and customers at the same time to ensure a consistently high standard of quality in the professional services rendered. We help businesses customers to create the best conditions to grow their business and compete in the markets. To do this, after listening to specific customer needs, we offer them our experience in tax and legal as well as the close collaboration between lawyers, accountants and auditors to find the right solutions and effective for the conclusion of business and / or the resolution of disputes in the business. We are not just suppliers of legal services but partners of our customers to which we try to give simple answers and practical for their business model.


Our compensation

We build strong relationships with our customers long-term. To do this, from the beginning, we prospettiamo clear and pre-determined rates for customers have a precise idea of ??its extent. For this reason, the cost of our services is always communicated in advance and in a detailed manner, so as to put the customer sheltered from any surprise.


Our values

We believe that in today's world, first of all, you need to have respect for others and the environment. For this reason Cerbone share the following values: legality, reliability, fairness, transparency, confidentiality, respect for the individual and human resources, respect for competition, respecting the environment.


Legal, Labour & Tax


We listen to our customers' needs and respond with strategic advice tailored, combining targeted and integrated measures to give concrete and effective solutions. We offer our customers simple solutions to specific needs by providing them with the expertise, efficiency and reliability.


All practices are handled with utmost professionalism and independence in order to build with customers a solid and ongoing relationship over time.


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    We are a consulting firm specializing in providing assistance in corporate labor law, civil law and tax law, both in and out of court.